Web Design for Younger Audience

Since the late 1980's, we have been living in the era of rapid technological growth, personal computers and the best of all; the internet. As it first appeared, the internet was a tool solely for the use of adults, but lately, exploring the fruits of technology and meeting the web for the first time has started to get into lives at an early age. Children, now get connected to the World Wide Web as early as when they start school if not earlier. We all have ideas about web design for adults, but what should be considered when the target audience is kids?

Little Adults with Higher Expectations

Children no matter how young, are actually little adults or at least they want to be considered as such. But, they are not! When it comes to web design, they are much more demanding as maintaining the attention of youngsters, engaging them through quality content and keeping them loyal to specific websites is a real challenge. But, web design in Birmingham has some solutions when it comes to creating engaging content for younger audience:

· Identify target audience: Target age and gender must be considered before the design phase. A 7-year old boy, and a 15-year old girl will definitely have different interests and media skills. Keep the language simple, navigation through the website obvious, graphics cartoony and menu items iconic for children below the age of 12.

· Gamily the content: Children, regardless of age or gender are much more into games than adults. Playing mini-games, succeeding in tasks, earning rewards and getting collection items into their website inventory will provide high motivation and ensure loyalty.

· Testing…: Although most adults claim not to have lost their inner child, they are not kids anymore. What, a fully grown-up web designer finds as engaging design for children, might very well be just the opposite! Want to design for kids? Ask kids respectfully and make the necessary changes in design.

The Tip of the Iceberg

When it comes to “what to consider” in web design for younger audience, the points mentioned above are just an insight into the numerous challenges that might be faced.

Children deserve to be happy and it’s up to the experts of web design in Birmingham to overcome the challenges.